A downloadable game

The events in the game take place in the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation. According to the plot, there was a war with the use of weapons of mass destruction. Although the world suffered without a chance to recover, the people of these regions managed to survive because of the anomalies associated with the Sikhote-Alin meteorite that fell decades ago. Now all the settlements that have remained are becoming colonies. Each of the colonies protects their resources, and also trades each other to obtain new ones. The animal world is mutated and represents a huge danger for all living things. To do this, the colonies have so-called Tesla towers. Although they do not kill the enemies, but they give them a serious rebuff.

You are one of the few settlers who must do everything possible to maintain life in his colony. Carrying out various tasks, from collecting firewood to performing diplomatic, espionage or sabotage missions in the territory of a potential enemy, you receive a  new level up. But remember, a reputation you have can make your so-called compatriots both encourage you and punish, even deprivate you the right to live in a colony or on its territory.

What is ready at the moment?

  • In the game there is already a working system for trading, players with NPC. The price constantly floats both on sale and in purchases
  • The game already has a working inventory. System of equipment of the character
  • Some game systems already work in the game, such as creating new objects yourself or with help of some professional in their own business, for example, a blacksmith or a chemist for game money
  • A simple character controller is based on the MOCAP animations created in the room. There are animations with the use of combat weapons and animation of simple character movements. The controller will also be modified to provide a huge set of movements to different situations.

You can start play the game in a role of a child

  • There are a lot of assets to create different worlds that are not similar to each other. Assets were chosen in such a way that more Russian than foreign was present, but still there are foreign subjects, without them anywhere. All assets are either donated by the developers, or bought
  • The game already has a system for breaking up players into clans / groups. The system for determining players according to their statistics is also working. For example, players began to play the game and after a while, those who just playing the game, but did not want to develop will not be able to play with those who did it. Thus, an inexperienced player does not interfere with those who really want to play. But the process of becoming from a newcomer to a proven player have to pass every player. Of course, server administrators will have to monitor their servers for those who do not let others play, since they will be accountable to the system
  • You can start play the game in a role of a child, yes, the system allows it! In the course of the game you are growing up
  • You can fatten your character in the game as well as strengthen him physically and it will be visible to you visually.

That's what will be

  • Severe conditions behind the gate of the colony will encourage you to play in pairs or in a group with other players. Animals will be more in their growth than usual. For example, wolves will be approximately, as in the Game of Thrones :))
  • The bear will also be larger than its present size
  • It is planned to create the opportunity to fish in ponds and melted mountain rivers
  • The creation of vehicles is planned, there is already ready mechanics
  • Hunting for animals is not excluded.

All this is certainly not a complete luggage, because in view of the fact that the work is coming, there is an opportunity to come up with something. I will not promise anything amazing, as this is a common mistake of projects. In the near future I plan to create a video showing the game mechanics that are already ready for the show.

I want also to say that the fallen meteorite brought a bunch of interesting things to the district, and this makes it possible to fantasize))

Loot items and others

Here are few loot items we are using in game. These items were designed and made by these artists. Many thanks to them!!! 

Development log