Traders & Crafting System

The system of traders is completed. What they can and how they sell and buy goods:

  • Each trader's merchandise appears either at the start level or randomly.
  • There is a kind of rarity of the goods.
  • Merchants have their own price setting system, the so-called coefficient. For example, the coefficient of selling the goods to players 1 - 1.5, then if the product costs 50 rubles, the sum is multiplied by this coefficient, which is selected in the interval between 1 - 1.5. The same is true when buying goods from players, respectively, then the coefficient is less than 1. All this is constantly changing, there is a so-called currency rate. Of course, we need to adjust all this so that there is a balance in the game.
  • Traders are assigned their own name, which is displayed when the purchase window is opened.

The crafting system has been completed. At the moment the following works:

  • Creating items for money. You pay the NPC to ensure that, as an expert, he does what you need, with the money and the necessary material. In the image, the example with the "Chemist" shows that the craft recipe has a price, and the necessary items are indicated below it.
  • Create items for free. Create new items from other available items.

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