MSF v3.8.5 Released

  • Added new events to MirrorNetworkManager.
  • Added room process terminating system to MirrorRoomServer. Now you can set up to terminate room process  when last player left the room or terminate it in given number of seconds after the last player left the room.
  • Fixed bug in MirrorNetworkManager when creating new player on server.
  • Fixed bug in MirrorRoomClient when getting room access.
  • Fixed bug in PlayerCharacterLook when detach camera after the player object was destroyed.
  •  Fixed bug in PlayerCharacterVitals. Networking events did not worked correctly.
  • Fixed bug in SpawnerBehaviour. When public IP receiving process cannot get it we need to catch this exception to use default IP.
  • Fixed bug in ServerBehaviour. The same as in SpawnerBehaviour.
  • Another bufg fixes.


MasterServerFramework_v3.8.5.unitypackage 12 MB
Jun 05, 2020

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Where is the documentation? I can't find anywhere which scripts to use and how. The folders look neat and ordered, but I can't find any help or documentation on how to implement this in my own project.  Could someone point me to decent documentation for getting this to work on a Mirror project?  The older documentation for the project on the asset store seemed excellent, but it doesn't have the Mirror integration I need. I simply don't know where to start, there are scripts and prefabs anywhere, but which do I need and where do I put them?

Follow the discord link and I will help you to start

So there is no documentation? That’s a bummer. Then I would have to explain my project to you and what I want and we have to type a lot and I am dependent on you to be online and available every time I have a question?

Oh boy, that doesn’t sound efficient or workable for me. I only have time at night when my kid is asleep or maybe an hour during the day to work on my project. And it all seems to work nice, but also quite complicated, it really could use documentation. The asset store version had such a clear pdf, I thought this version would have an update to that as well. Well, I might contact you in the future, but ai guess I will have to try and figure it all out by myself then.

Thanks for the reply though.

I'm currently working on documentation. If you have any question please ask. I will answer all your questions. I also can create documentation by your request. Please, do not hesitate to ask! I really glad to help 

Ok, I will contact you if I get stuck. Don't get me wrong, I really like this project and it seems like a great solution, I'm just really used to work from documentation and figuring stuff out in my own time :) Thanks for the offer and quick reply!