MST v4.3.0 Released

Let's take a look what is new!

  1. Completely redesigned the logic of working with a guest account. The guest can now log in using the device ID. If you plan to test guest accounts on a single device, the authorization module will easily authorize all guests, but only one will be recorded in the database.
  2. Now disconnecting from the server indicates the reason so a client can see this reason to find out what was happened.

  3. The Http Server Module has been completely redesigned. Now you can run the web application directly from the folder with html files. You can also connect to the websocket service of this web server and execute commands on the master server side. In this way, you can create a master server control panel. Also the MST can now be used as a server for your web application and web browser games. For example in: Construct 2, 3, Game Maker, Js canvas games etc.

  4. The authorization module now has an authorization factory. What is it for? The factory is used so that you can write additional authorization methods without making global changes to the authorization module and its methods. Authorization must be universal and scalable. One authorization method works out all the methods that can be used at once, and you can also easily add new auth methods to this method without changing the structure of the authorization module.

  5. The MST project is now used as part of the Unity build dependencies, the so-called Assembly definitions. 

  6. Many bug fixed!
  7. All the examples will come soon


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Apr 03, 2021

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Great work, thx ;)

Thank you very much!