MST v4.7.0 Released

  • Added new room creation system. Now it is very easy to implement your own room-server logic using your own networking system
  • Added full script support for unity 2019.4+
  • Added new demo for mirror networking. This demo is not fully completed yet. You can find it in Bridge/Mirror/BasicRoomsAndLobbies folder.
  • Removed BasicSpawnerMirror demo and does not supported any more.
  • Removed unused code
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements

REMEMBER that it is better to check the work of the framework in an empty project, since some code may not work or it is completely deleted.


MiniFps.unitypackage 113 MB
Jul 05, 2021
MasterServerToolkit_v4.7.0.unitypackage 21 MB
Aug 16, 2021

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