MST v4.7.2 Released

New updates are coming!

  • Bug fixed in AccountsDatabaseAccessor
  • Bug fixed in AccountsLiteDbAccessorFactory
  • Bug fixed in ProfileLiteDbAccessorFactory
  • Bug fixed in ProfilesDatabaseAccessor
  • Bug fixed in AuthModule
  • Bug fixed in ChatChannel
  • Bug fixed in ObservableProfile
  • Bug fixed in RoomsModule
  • Bug fixed in ServerBehaviour
  • Added new parameters (Apple, Google, LastLogin) in AccountInfoLiteDb
  • Added new parameters (Apple, Google, LastLogin) in ClientAccountInfo
  • Added new parameters (Apple, Google, LastLogin) in IAccountInfoData
  • Added new parameters (Apple, Google, LastLogin) in MstAuthClient
  • Added new parameters (Apple, Google, LastLogin) in AccountInfoPacket
  • Added new method to MstTimer (WaitForRealtimeSeconds)
  • Added new functionality in UIProperty
  • Added new class UIViewSync
  • Changed UseSsl to UseSecure in ConnectionHelper
  • Changed UseSsl to UseSecure in IClientSocket


MasterServerToolkit_v4.7.2.unitypackage 23 MB
Sep 01, 2021

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