MST v4.8.0 Released

  • Added new module called NotificationModule. This module help you to notify all users connected to Master server or joined a game server room. The example of using notification module can be seen in BasicRoomsAndLobbies demo. You can also see the demo of message sending process in FakeNoticeManager class assigned to RoomServerManager component.
  • Now you can get all the regions with its ping time information. Just use GetRegions method in Mst.Client.Matchmaker class. To see the example of use of ping info open CreateNewRoomView window in BasicRoomsAndLobbies demo.
  • Added ping time info to GamesListView.
  • Added new transport based on LLAPI from Unet.
  • Added UnetClientSocket class that works with new transport in MST.
  • Added UnetServerSocket class that works with new transport in MST.
  • Fixed all bugs in MongoDB demo in Bridge folder.
  • Fixed bug when using localhost
  • Fixed bug with Mirror transport in RoomClientManager class.
  • Fixed bug with Mirror transport in RoomNetworkManager class.


MasterServerToolkit_v4.8.0.unitypackage 23 MB
Sep 06, 2021

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